What is the difference between Job Placement and Job Carving?

by: Raeme Bosquez-Greer

“Job Carving” is a term for customizing job duties and can be used in different circumstances:

* To create specialist job roles thus freeing up the time of specialist staff.

* To swap job duties to make the most of individual skills.

Many families are not aware of the possibilities available to their young adults with disabilities and how job carving can be part of job placement.

Job placement is when you fill out an application, take an assessment and hope the student will do well in the interview.  Student must often go to multiple interviews to practice and practice marketing themselves.  Just like the rest of us.

Most often we are assigned this case because the student has social anxiety, and an array of other invisible disabilities.  An employer shouldn’t ask “What’s wrong with him/her?”, though I’ve heard that question and have had to educate employers on many occasions.  Sometimes an employer asks these questions because they know no better.

As a job developer our first job is to advocate for this student.  At the risk of not being hired it is ethically a bad choice to not educate the employer regarding questions that are not appropriate.  Parents, please understand you are not alone and we are here to advocate for you as well.  We will do our best to assist you with job placement but if your family does not have a realistic entry job it will take a very long time to be placed and be successful and be happy.

In Job Carving, if the impediments of being employed are so severe that duties and tasks must be reduced, then we work with the employer to do so.  Most often you only work two to four hours a couple days a week.  And often when we inform the employer that this student has a long-term coach the employer will have to contact their corporate office and get the green light to hire the individual with the coach onsite.  A corporate employer who has never seen or spoke to this student is basing judgement on the severity of the disability as communicated by the hiring manager.  Yes, there are many hurdles as you well know.

Parents please understand your job developer is doing the best he or she can.  We want to give you all of the individual attention we can but we do have large caseloads and unfortunately giving one child 100% of our attention which is not realistic.  But rest assured a job developer does not choose this position to become rich.  We do it because we love the kids and the reward we feel when they succeed.

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