Raeme Bosque-Greer

With 20 years of experience working with individuals with a variety of disabilities including extensive experience working with individuals with autism, Raeme Bosque-Greer brings an arsenal of knowledge regarding all aspects of individual and group care. From hands on customer care to daily support of individuals to extensive management experience she has a variety of skills that contribute to the productivity, functionality and independence of those in her care. As a foster parent , Raeme has been a mother to 5 wonderful young people.  As a Lead Trainer with Job Adventures Raeme provides vocational skills training and job placement for individuals from ages 16 to 96.  With individual, hands on instruction and individual job coaching, Job Adventures provides an end to end experience to enable their clients to be successful.  Job Adventures now has a presence in various cities south and central Texas and is continually expanding as we seek to assist those in need. Aspergers101 is proud to have Raeme Bosquez-Greer as a  guest blogger on the ever important topic of Employment.

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