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Standard Law Enforcement Training on mental disorders is typically taught during the required 5 hours of training per year. Standard training for mental disorders does not differentiate the more aggressive disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, psychotic, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder from the non-aggressive such as Autism.

A more efficient and accurate training on A.S.D. is crucial, because persons with Autism and Asperger Syndrome are increasing in numbers and often go on to drive and lead independent lives.

In 2017, Aspergers101 joined forces with the Texas DPS and the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities to develop and implement the “Driving with Autism” statewide initiative. This initiative has cemented new laws protecting those with a communication challenge, alerted citizens of the new available restriction code for driver license and state I.D at every Texas DPS Driver License Office, and aired informative PSA’s across the state. A large part of the “Driving with Autism” initiative is to increase Law Enforcement’s understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders (and other disorders challenged with communication) in preparation for a pull over scenario. Video pull over-reenactments, medical interviews and explanations from drivers on the autism spectrum offer an effective yet engaging training for law enforcement.

For more information on the Driving with Autism initiative you may go here, or to contact Jennifer Allen to schedule on-site training, please use the form provided below.

Aspergers101 On-Site Training Fee(s) are based per hour plus travel expenses. Price reduction for non-profits and law enforcement. Contact us below for a customized quote.

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