Inventory Assessment

In the previous post we briefly discussed the importance of the inventory assessment in securing employment. This inventory also helps employment specialists identify an individual’s personal preferences.39551a62-167a-484b-8088-ab65b3de67e9

As you know, this disorder manifests itself uniquely to each person, so employment specialists have to know which types of stimuli will be helpful, and which will be hurtful.

Is the individual sensitive to noise? Are they comfortable working outdoors? Can they tolerate working in a closed space for an eight-hour shift? What are their social tolerances? Essentially, we need to understand if an individual is hypo-sensitive or hypersensitive. Knowing the answers to these questions in advance help to ensure future success.

Self-Determination in College Success

The Autism Society (formerly the Autism Society of America) held its annual conference last week in Indianapolis, Indiana. As is more common in recent years, several break-out sessions of the conference were focused on the support of students with ASD in higher education.

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Dena Gassner (Adelphi University), Dr. Lorna Timmerman (Ball State University), and Jackie Clark and Rebecca Hansen (Marshall University) carried out a panel discussion on the topic, titled “Is College for Me.” Panel members discussed challenges related to success for students with ASD in higher education, and best-practice support strategies that can help overcome challenges.

Living in the Gray Area

Once a child is becomes more competent in his or her ability to think multicausally , the next focus of higher level social-emotional thinking is the capacity to understand the gray areas of life.


Adolescents and young adults with Aspergers or HFA are especially prone to hitting an emotional rut when speaking in terms of “never” and “always”—hallmark terms associated with “black and white” thinking. “He never calls on me during class” or “She always gets to play the game first” are common phrases that parents or peers hear when the speaker’s ability to think and feel in more varied degrees is constricted. Not only is this harder to negotiate socially for the interactive partner, but it’s not a very fun state for the black and white thinker either.

The Chill Pass

In last week’s blog, we discussed the benefit of a “Chill Zone” for students that experience anxiety or frustration in school and/or home settings, and how to set that area up for success. Some students might benefit from a companion strategy of a Chill Pass.

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The Chill Pass can help the student to have a visual reminder that it is O.K. to go to the chill zone when they are escalating in their anxiety or frustration. 

College by Way of Small Steps

Going to college with Asperger’s Syndrome may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but believe me when I say that it really isn’t that difficult.


You don’t need to immediately hop right into a prestigious Ivy League college and shell out a fortune just as you’re starting your college life. Starting off college is easily achievable by finding a community college in your local area.

Why Feel Blame?

In our home it’s a gift to have Aspergers. That’s what we believe and that’s what our son believes to his core. And while the researchers and scientists continue their quest of knowledge to discover the source of Autism… I know I love my son exactly for who and what his is.Jennifer

His uniqueness and contributions to the world seem advanced and his intense interests and thought processes are from a different mind…literally. What a gift! Not without challenges but I’ve always felt privileged to raise a son on the spectrum. That said, not sure why mothers feel ‘blame’ even comes into the equation.

AuTalkz: Peer Groups


Besides, this, there was another time I made friends with someone 10 years younger than me.  It was fun to just forget about the adult world and have fun wrestling on their trampoline or skating the local streets.

While kids can be very judgmental, I often found that the younger crowd didn’t care or question the fact that I was older than them, or see a problem with it.  I never saw a problem with it, either.  Friends were friends no matter what age they were.

It was also less social pressure hanging out with my younger friends.

By: Nikki J

Inclusive Work Environment

As an employment specialist it is my duty to assist individuals with finding an inclusive environment, where mutual respect and understanding will enable them to be successful. Locating such an environment is the first step we take on the road to employment.

People at Work

However, this environment often times does not just exist, I have to help employers and potential employees to develop, create and maintain it.

“The Autistic Mind: Different in Function and Anatomy”

“The Autistic Mind: Different in Function and Anatomy”

Understanding the function of the Autistic Brain may help you understand, or explain, the different behaviors exhibited by someone with Aspergers Syndrome. Doctors reveal studies proving the importance of therapy, as the autistic brain is different in both function and anatomy from a neuro-typical brain. In other words…it’s not bad behavior! Aspies are coming from a place of being different neurologically.

College with Asperger’s

Prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has risen significantly since first described in the 1940s; the Center for Disease Control estimates currently 1 in 68 children in the United States lives with an ASD diagnosis, and that 46% of those diagnosed have average to above average intelligence.

College Students with Asperger’s: Academic and Campus Accommodations Necessary

A large body of literature describes the significant, life-long difficulties faced by many individuals diagnosed with ASD. The support needs for college students diagnosed with more traditional disabilities are well documented. There is a dearth of information, however, in regard to effectively supporting the college instruction of students with Asperger’s Disorder, and how to support their navigation of a campus society.